Reviews for Yvonne Healy

“Yvonne Healy’s a triple threat: excellent storyteller, workshop presenter, and emcee.”
Elizabeth Ellis, NEA American Masterpiece Artist

“Heartwarming stories. Beautifully crafted. Expertly performed.”
Karl Hallsten, Florida Storytelling Association

“Audiences loved you, as well as all of the committee members and volunteers who met you! You fit right in with “the festival family.”
– Mary Margaret Campbell, George West Storyfest, TX

“Your stories were touching & humorous. Your acting flawless!”
Susan O’Halloran, JustStories

“Yvonne’s wonderful. Magical!”
Workshop Participant, Livingston County Womanfest, Hartland, MI

“Grab a chance to see this artist: you’re in for a rare treat!”
Wm. Darling, Chair, Gualala Art Center, CA

“Your workshop was clear, concise and encouraging.”
Judy Schmidt, workshop participant, AADL Story Feast, MI

“Healy is unafraid to amuse her listeners in any way possible and throws herself into these stories with gusto–singing, laughing, and shouting as required and easily transforming herself from a weeping Scottish lass to a people-eating monster from Micronesia.”
J.C.G. – AudioFile 2004 (Feb/Mar), Portland, Maine

“Your storytelling is you — dramatic, compelling and exciting!”
Chris King, Creative Keys, Ohio O.O.P.S. Conference

“You’re a delight to work with as well as a performer who captures the audience’s imagination. We always love your stories!”
Mary Jarvis, Assistant Curator, Detroit Institute of Art

“…humorous and passionate”
Al Goldstein, Artistic Director, Cherry Lane Theater, NY, NY

“Spell-binding! You are a very warm and creative person and that shines through in your storytelling.”
Program Coordinator, Handley Elementary School, Saginaw, MI

“Few people have her broad range of skills.”
Westchester Gannet Newspapers, NY

“Everyone thoroughly enjoyed your performances! I hope we can call on you again.”
Judee Royster, Talent Coordinator, Jackson Storyfest, Jackson, MI

“Later my autistic/Asberger student wrote a myth complete with illustrations. He said you inspired him. Thank you.”
Sandy Dennis, teacher, Scranton Middle School, MI

“You could see the enjoyment and delight in their faces as they heard the stories unfold.”
J. Blazo, teacher, Miller Early Childhood Center, MI

“I really enjoyed your lovely CD! Your voice is delicious as always.“
Laura Pershin-Raynor, Ann Arbor Library, MI

“She has wonderful, contagious enthusiasm! Every student should take this class!”
Student, Jackson Community College, Jackson, MI

“It was a dark and dreary day at school when a surprise visitor came to town from a far-away place. Her name was quite pretty really. It was Ms. Yvonne Healy and she visited our school. About 9:00 the school of John R. Rogers Elementary made their way to the gym to hear her wonderful stories. In the afternoon, Ms. Yvonne Healy came to our classroom to teach us how to tell and write a story. She made us promise to be silly and to give the story lots and lots of feeling. Soon everyone was being silly.”
Student, 5th grade Writing Residency, John R. Rogers Elementary, Bellaire, MI